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Who is Susan Boyle?

When Susan Boyle, the unlikely Britain’s Got Talent contestant, stunned Simon Cowell and the rest of the world with her angelic voice, the incongruity of her appearance made her even more enormously captivating.

Before she launched into her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream”, no one watching suspected that the gifts of a singing star were hidden inside the frumpy, frizzy-haired package of a 47 year-old spinster from northern Scotland. People in general, and talent scouts like Cowell, don’t expect in these sophisticated times to find talent of a world class variety so completely undiscovered and completely camouflaged. Most people with showbiz capabilities and aspirations today make it into the hands of an agent or manager long before hitting middle age. The inner beauty of Susan Boyle is the stuff of fairytales like Shrek, where a gorgeous princess called Fiona is trapped inside an ogre’s body.

Now of course in Fiona’s situation, when the cartoon character gets the opportunity to shed her ogreness forever, and “look” like a beautiful princess 24/7, she chooses to remain an ogre on the outside in order to be true to herself or something like that. The audience applauds her brave decision and she lives mostly happily-ever-after with her ogre husband, Shrek.

She is have a greatest voice ever!

She is have a greatest voice ever!


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