2012 The new begining

Wow… how to start… I left this blog for almost 2 year, too many story to be told, too many secret to be shared (can we share secret? than the name should be secret rite?) Too many goods to be true..

I start 2011 year with second baby born on 1st January 2011 or we can put 1.1.11 at 5am. A healthy baby boy weighted 3.75kg.Name by Nezriqie.. Next 6 days he will turn 1 year old

Wat can i say here? i have a pair kiddos, the eldest sister, Qiesha already 4 years

nothing i wish more than happiness for both of my kids.. Treasure them most of my life.

2012 i will be turn 30 and life must be pretty challenging. I want a start a new life n with new me.

I’m not good in bloging but i will share my life with all of u.. Anyway tmrw is Christmas… Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!




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  1. Kathi Browne Said:

    I followed your friendly tweet to this blog and began to read. It broke my heart to read your 2010 post about being a punching bag. The flowers that followed couldn’t have covered the stench of being treated so poorly.

    I hope you have returned with a new confidence and stories to share along the way.

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