my mistakes.. totally

Last nite 31.3.10, was a very bad day to me.. Our fight end until 1.4.10 at 730am. It was long, it was pain, it was my mistake. No April Fool but this was a fact. I deserve be a punching bag 4 my husband. Wat I’ve done was wrong n can’t be accepted by any husband in this world. If I gave a thousand reason why I did dat, I’m wrong coz i am his wife n I was supposed to love, playing, respect only him. I was off track 4 a while n now god show to him wat I’ve done.. I deserved dat n accept dat.. My husband will remember wat I’ve done 4 the rest of his life, n I am regret to make him suffer n broken heart. How to get him trust me again.. I love him n I still need him.. I’m sorry hubby.. Really sorry.. I am stupid so damn stupid.


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  1. kelly Said:

    Hey Leena! Love reading your thoughts! It’s important to realize one’s mistakes and not get all beaten up or guilty over them. And no, you don’t deserve to be a punching bag ever.

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