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Our Glass Painting at Summit Flea Market!

Do you already decide what the best door gift to everyone on your wedding day? Which is memorable and adorable? We can make it for you! But guys…… Not only for wedding day, maybe you want to give something different on your birthday party, birthday present, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter Day, Christmas Day or Baby Shower Party? What is on your mind? Cupcakes? It is even better than that…. A Glass Painting with affordable price….



We have a various design, shape of glasses, mirror and CD box also can maa…..


Price? Let we do the talking…hehehe, actually pricing based on design and glasses.


Our price range is between RM2.50 until RM100++. You also can contribute some ideas to us by drop by at our blog. Leave us some comment, suggestion on how we can serve you better!


Happy Shopping! One Luv, Much Luv…. Leena & Yaya… Just two of us…

Or Visit Us at Summit Flea Market on 11th and 12th July 2009.

For more info please visit or

Hope to see you there!!


One Luv, Much Luv : Leena and Yaya, The PainterG 2009