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Bonus or Ex Gratia?

Hai.. Lama dah rasanye tak ngadap blog ni… Busy with family and work… Now Ramadahan arrived… But it’s already by end of the month now… Raya will be next week… i am so happy coz this year we celebrate with our new new born baby… Naqiesha. Hope everything just fine and fun!

I also so damn happy when my company gave 1.0 month insentive/bonus/ex-gratia for this raya… at least i cant used to pay all hutang and new baju raya for my husband and baby.. i already jahit baju raya… although my i supposed to get more than 4K, my bank just say i get 3K plus, so many hutang to tanggung!… What to do to increased my income… blur all the way of life… My hubby business just great but, for this few month he will not get salary due to to cover overheat cost. So not happy… after pay al debt, my money only left 1K, not enough la… so sad. i need to do something! God please help me on this!

Thank to my company coz gave me the money! Hope can get it more by end of the year!… chiow!