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My Baby Girl-QiesHa


The Life Begin-Chapter 1!!

Given name as Sharifah Azlina Syed Ahmad Al-Bukhari. Born in HBKL on 16 Nov 1982 at 3.33pm, Tuesday. Have one sister Sharifah Azlinda and another step bro and sis, Baby, Jiji, Afiq and Jaja. Mum’s name Azizah, Step-dad name Ariff. and guess what we all have the “A’s name”. My mum and my real dad,Syed Ahmad was divorced since i was 3-4 years it feel? Doesnt feel anything.. i’m still baby that time. After divorce, my mum sent me back to Pasir Mas and i’m stay in Kg with my sis. My mum still working in KL, one day mek(grandma) asked mama to came back to KB and stay at Kelantan. Mum work at Wisma KB in KKM department. Mum start to know my step-superdad and they falling love, straightaway get married. Still young what!! After they get married i follow my mum stay in Kg Kota. Tadika di Tadika Raja Dewa Kota Bharu. 1st grade in SK Kota, 2 grade we all balik ke Kg Bunut Susu and stay at rumah kedai (pintu pun lipat2 lagi). mum get pregnant and i got new sister Siti Azreena-Budak jepun(putih mcm tepung gomak). a year after that another Gorgon born-Siti Aziean. Rumah tunggang langgang bile dua gorgon ni bertarung. Mum and dad decide to built a banglo for us. We choose in Kg Teliar. after 1 year our house ready. I was so happy because we now not moving anywhere anymore. until now we still stay in that big square house…!!

Another Boring day at Office..huh

Bosan rasanyer bile dah mula start keje after maternity leave 60 days. Keje still the same and still usual.. memang ada add a few new job scoop but then…huh. Today,all top management going to team building, including my boss. Nampak gayanya claim aku tak sign lagi la minggu ni. Dah la HR and finance ilangkan claim original. Kalau reject claim aku, memang sah aku ngamuk giler. My hubby always remind me about how important being organized. Lucky all my photostat claim already being filed. Thanks to him. Today i’m late to office. Penat,smalam tidur lambat,siapkan Floor plan for my husband’s new shop. At last my husband’s shop will be launching by end of this month. everybody was quite busy with launching and we are going moving out by this Friday. Guess what, pindahlah perkara paling messy nak buat. tak tau kat mana nak start. bilik ke, dapur ke.. 80% mengemas rumah my husband yang buat. He only ask me to pack my stuff such as my glass painting, mug candle. Our anniversary just pass by. nothing special happen. I only going out with my hubby, my baby and mother in-law. location: Subang Parade. My anniversary fall on same day with my dad’s birthday 25th May. I wish him a very great journey of life ahead. On the next day was my farther in-law birthday. Mak bring us lunch at Concorde Shah Alam. Best..LUnch kat Concorde very cosy and calm. But the situation between “The King and Queen” are not that calm.da.. A lot of story to be tell and a lot of history be made every day… Now my life been “file”….The chapter begin!