Day out with Qiesha

Today, another extended holiday. Brought my precious Qiesha to watched Alvin & Chipmunk


2012 The new begining

Wow… how to start… I left this blog for almost 2 year, too many story to be told, too many secret to be shared (can we share secret? than the name should be secret rite?) Too many goods to be true..

I start 2011 year with second baby born on 1st January 2011 or we can put 1.1.11 at 5am. A healthy baby boy weighted 3.75kg.Name by Nezriqie.. Next 6 days he will turn 1 year old

Wat can i say here? i have a pair kiddos, the eldest sister, Qiesha already 4 years

nothing i wish more than happiness for both of my kids.. Treasure them most of my life.

2012 i will be turn 30 and life must be pretty challenging. I want a start a new life n with new me.

I’m not good in bloging but i will share my life with all of u.. Anyway tmrw is Christmas… Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!



3rd anniversary

My life n my soul-my hubby gave this flower n card for our 3rd anniversary.. I was so flattered and happy coz he actually never done dat coz he hate flower so much.. I love him so much.. Thanx dear..he also brought me to have a dinner at Victoria Station…

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The month that unforgetable

Wow! How I want to start this… March n April 2010 was very hard to forget. Lots of thing happen.. Pain, suffer, love, kinky everything happen within this 2 months. Starting with my stupid mistakes n my hubby start to change.. A positive n negative thing happen. I hope dat everything back to normal.. I get my confident back after 2 years.. But it is not easy to enjoy it! I must stay on right track n think as wise person.. If I do another mistake, a lot of people with disappointed n maybe I won’t able to get them back.. It is very interesting yet challenging months.. Ahead? Not sure yet…

my mistakes.. totally

Last nite 31.3.10, was a very bad day to me.. Our fight end until 1.4.10 at 730am. It was long, it was pain, it was my mistake. No April Fool but this was a fact. I deserve be a punching bag 4 my husband. Wat I’ve done was wrong n can’t be accepted by any husband in this world. If I gave a thousand reason why I did dat, I’m wrong coz i am his wife n I was supposed to love, playing, respect only him. I was off track 4 a while n now god show to him wat I’ve done.. I deserved dat n accept dat.. My husband will remember wat I’ve done 4 the rest of his life, n I am regret to make him suffer n broken heart. How to get him trust me again.. I love him n I still need him.. I’m sorry hubby.. Really sorry.. I am stupid so damn stupid.

Blackberry maniac

It is almost 9 months I didn’t write anything on my blog.. Why? Because of server block in my office. I can’t post anything.. I am sorry to all my blog follower due to my silence.. I hope dat u guys will start read my blog after this. I have link my wordpress blog with my blackberry. And I can post anything from anywhere I want. I wanna share hundred of story about me n my life.. How I managed my life back on track. Everything need to share with u guys.. I am happy because of my blackberry connected me with my blog.. Thanx to who ever designed this BB n worpress.. Until we meet again on my first entry for year 2010.. Luv u guys… Salam

Our Glass Painting at Summit Flea Market!

Do you already decide what the best door gift to everyone on your wedding day? Which is memorable and adorable? We can make it for you! But guys…… Not only for wedding day, maybe you want to give something different on your birthday party, birthday present, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter Day, Christmas Day or Baby Shower Party? What is on your mind? Cupcakes? It is even better than that…. A Glass Painting with affordable price….



We have a various design, shape of glasses, mirror and CD box also can maa…..


Price? Let we do the talking…hehehe, actually pricing based on design and glasses.


Our price range is between RM2.50 until RM100++. You also can contribute some ideas to us by drop by at our blog. Leave us some comment, suggestion on how we can serve you better!


Happy Shopping! One Luv, Much Luv…. Leena & Yaya… Just two of us…

Or Visit Us at Summit Flea Market on 11th and 12th July 2009.

For more info please visit or

Hope to see you there!!


One Luv, Much Luv : Leena and Yaya, The PainterG 2009

The PainterG-Officially Launched

Hi all, i would like to annouced that i officially launch my Glass Painting Collection using this blog. You can view all my painting and you can order either for Wedding Gift, Appreciation gift or even to Mom and Dad… please view all my collection or visit my blogspot at



Who is Susan Boyle?

When Susan Boyle, the unlikely Britain’s Got Talent contestant, stunned Simon Cowell and the rest of the world with her angelic voice, the incongruity of her appearance made her even more enormously captivating.

Before she launched into her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream”, no one watching suspected that the gifts of a singing star were hidden inside the frumpy, frizzy-haired package of a 47 year-old spinster from northern Scotland. People in general, and talent scouts like Cowell, don’t expect in these sophisticated times to find talent of a world class variety so completely undiscovered and completely camouflaged. Most people with showbiz capabilities and aspirations today make it into the hands of an agent or manager long before hitting middle age. The inner beauty of Susan Boyle is the stuff of fairytales like Shrek, where a gorgeous princess called Fiona is trapped inside an ogre’s body.

Now of course in Fiona’s situation, when the cartoon character gets the opportunity to shed her ogreness forever, and “look” like a beautiful princess 24/7, she chooses to remain an ogre on the outside in order to be true to herself or something like that. The audience applauds her brave decision and she lives mostly happily-ever-after with her ogre husband, Shrek.

She is have a greatest voice ever!

She is have a greatest voice ever!


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EXORA Lauched at KLCC-The Team

Aloo there… Fuh! Lega rasanya bile Exora dah launching, segala penat lelah Proton staff terubat bila tgk kereta MPV pertama Malaysia launch. Yang paling best ia dirasmikan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia yg paling glamour, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, dan yang paling manis ia juga dihadiri oleh Tun Dr Mahathir!! Love him so much!!! Aku kene bertugas malam tu, penat je Allah je la yg tahu… tapi memang worth it, coz, i dapat salam dengan Tun Dr Mahathir!!! Tangan dia lembut bangat!!!! Ingat nak salam dgn Puan Sri Siti Hasmah, tp dia dah tak larat dah, jalan pun kene pimpin tangan. Janji dapat tgk secara dekat!!
Thanks to Tun Mahathir, kerana dia Proton tak wujud dan kalau Proton tak wujud, aku pun tak keje kat Proton rasanya. Anyway.. event mlm tu mmg best giler… Ni ada a few picture about our Launch event!


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